As we manage the pandemic our area, please be assured that my office uses practices and procedures to decrease your risk of exposure or spreading of the virus during your visit.  Feel free to about the current protocols in place. 

Rhonda D Johnson LCSW​       Couples Therapist

​​​Counseling and Relationship Center of Murfreesboro

511 Highland Terrace

Murfreesboro, TN 37130



There's nothing quite so painful and scary as the hurt, sadness, anger and vulnerability we feel when a marriage or relationship is drifting away from us. 

Make an appointment today to bravely face your problems and make the changes that bring you close again.

I help with:

  • communication problems
  • distrust/infidelity
  • feeling disconnected
  • conflicts and disagreements
  • lack of passion
  • feeling misunderstood