Rhonda D Johnson LCSW​       Couples Therapist

There's nothing quite so painful and scary as the hurt, sadness, anger and vulnerability we feel when a marriage or relationship is drifting away from us. 

Make an appointment today to bravely face your problems and make the changes that bring you close again.

I help with:

  • communication problems
  • distrust/infidelity
  • feeling disconnected
  • conflicts and disagreements
  • lack of passion
  • feeling misunderstood

​​​Counseling and Relationship Center of Murfreesboro

511 Highland Terrace

Murfreesboro, TN 37130




As we manage the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 in our area, please be assured that we are implementing plans and strategies to decrease your risk of exposure or spreading of the virus.

1.We offer telephone and telemental health counseling using a secure platform. If you would prefer to stay home, we can offer counseling directly to you - either by telephone or through secure video through VSee.com. Insurance companies have relaxed their restrictions regarding distance counseling.  If we are already billing your insurance for sessions, we will bill them for telephone or video sessions.  Please call or email your therapist 24 hours in advance of your appointment if you have questions or are interested. 

2.We have implemented heightened cleaning protocols in our office, including the frequent use of disinfectants.
3.Please know that we are observing social distancing and will not be shaking hands, hugging or entering closely into personal space.  If you prefer to avoid the waiting room, feel free to stay in your car and call or email us when you arrive for your appointment.
4.Hand soap is available in the restroom.  We ask everyone to wash their hands when they arrive for their session and when they depart. 
5.Hand sanitizer is available in the waiting room. Please feel free to use sanitizer liberally. 
6.If you are feeling ill or believe that you have been exposed to the flu or coronavirus, please do not come in for your appointment.  Again, we can reschedule or provide telemental health counseling. 

We are committed to your mental health and overall well-being.  May you and yours be safe and healthy during this challenging time. 
Please contact your therapist if you have any questions and concerns.Type your paragraph here.